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Thread: Yet another Fabulous day.

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    Default Yet another Fabulous day.

    It's another beautiful day, look on the bright side, at least they can put a levy on the good weather (can they?)
    Get the solar cars out , petrol is nearly becoming as dear as escorts. It's such a gorgeous day, I'll think I'll go and cut Anon's grass, that's the grass out in the garden Patricia.

    It would be lovely to be snuggled up between two lovely escorts now and having the biggest, bestest ejaculation that you can remember, ah sure life is great, pity I'm broke.
    Once a prick - always a prick.

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    Yeah yeah yeah , its all in the mind Rover. You had the chance of a "Freebie" and wasted it
    Dont look a Gift-Horse in the Vagina

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