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Thread: escorts in san sebastian??

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    headin over 2san sebastian on sat.has any1 sampled de local talents?wonderin where is de best site 2get info from

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    not really much of scence over there dude, if your there for a few days best bet is to head south an hour to bilbao or north 2 hours to bordeaux

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    theirs a good hooker headin over there this sunday...... gerry is de name lol

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    Just but a local newspaper and check the classified ads under "Relax" or "Contactos" where you will find escorts,services offered with prices or......
    look fo a "Club" with neon sign which will be a brothel and dont worry they are legal in Spain. Usually Clubs on the outskirts of cities are higher quality in terms of cleanliness, girls etc. than those in city center. Prices wil start at 60 euros in a decent club for half hour and drinks are resonably priced if you dont buy the ladies cava.
    check out this link Brothels Guip

    ahhhhhh the memories of my years spent in Spain

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