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    Cool bailout

    In life you can spend beyond your means credit. However there are limits to what you can spend beyond what you earn (the exception is of coarse me). How many escorts will let you ride them on credit i wonder and for how long.

    Banks work on percentages these percentages being you and me how much can they get us to borrow at what interest for profit for them. however if you lose your job your ability to pay becomes nil and void with the loan still outstanding debtours prison will become popular these days anyone.if you owe the bank 250,000 its your problem if you owe them 2 billion its the banks. there are limits to what a bank can be bailed out or are there look at anglo. i call it as i see it most politicians should be in prison for what they are doing sick to your stomach amount money they are giving the banks free charge. ireland is headed in wrong direction why in this life you stand or fall on your word integrity i predict goverments parties will win not one seat in up coming relection.

    Property tax of at least 1000 euro a year, Water tax of at least 1000 a year , also an assetment fee of 300 for propery assestment same for water meter instalistation taxes will go up they have no choice country is broke highest debt in euro. interest rates will go up be the feather that sinks people. Taxies will rise services dole and pension will be seriously cut 50 60 percent riots.

    Will Germany bail out Greece,Portugal, Spain.Ireland ,Italy problem doubles with portugal ,doubles again for italy, and doubles again for spain ireland well 45 billion in debt plus money given to banks 100 billion were sunk one thing it sink Fianna Fail never rise again

    I BELIEVE NOT so what happen i think a two tiered euro why well they have no choice what come after america default thats when things become interesting

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    The first one is BOI

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