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    Default E-I Chatroom


    We got a few emails lately requesting we add a chatroom to E-I.

    My concern about doing this is that we wouldn't have staff available monitor the chatroom most of the time and is it a good idea to have a chatroom if you can't monitor it closely?

    Any feedback would be welcome.


    Pat x

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    i think its a great idea
    why not have a room like kangochat
    they seem to have no moderator and the does seem to be any trouble

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    What you do patricia like any other chatroom is that you nominate regulars to the site as moderators, these would have the ability to mute, kick or ban people from the chatroom therefore adding some level of stability to it rather than a free for all.

    Now the practicality of a chatroom on a site dominated by guys looking for, availing of the services and reviewing the working girls on here I personally wouldn't be sure about, now it may be a great success and become a social outlet for those likeminded individuals to have a chat, now if you could get the escorts to participate (but give them the ability to mute/kick) those idiots who undoubtedly would abuse them online) that would certainly make it easier for individuals like myself to get some handle on the personality of the girls (still haven't been brave enough to visit one).

    Give it a go, see how it progresses for a week or two, then make a decision on it's viability.


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    don't forget that the male escorts could also be moderators, it would be nice to make contact with someone who also likes variety in their sex life.

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