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Thread: 4 Pricks and Tokyo Rose

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    Default 4 Pricks and Tokyo Rose

    Fellow punters- I have a little tale to tell yous!
    It happened last week, and began when I got a text from Tokyo Rose, the well known Japanese escort, famed for her short skirted schoolgirl uniforms- the text went as-
    "Banzai! Hello Dik! I am back in Dublin- And to honour 68th anniverisity of Japanese Victory at battle of Java sea, I am giving 50% discounts to good punters! Please come and cum with me! Banzai!"
    Now fellow punters- as some of yous know- when you cum with Tokyo Rose- you sure as hell remember it! So I decided to visit her. I told the wife I was off to my Church meeting, and drove over to Tokyos apartment.
    I found her apartment and she let me in- "Banzai Dik- good to see you! go and undress, and wait in my bedroom!"
    So I took my clothes off and went to the bedroom- and I almost died with shock- there was 3 other punters already in there- all totally naked like me! There was Nicegirlsarenice, Dub Lad and Rover!
    Now I can tell yous now- I felt very uneasy- standing in a room with 3 other nude guys- all in stoney silence- we were all uneasy. Anyhow I did what all guys do when naked with other males- I checked their tackle- to see who was biggest- Im happy to say that I had the biggest cock, with Rover coming in a second place.
    As I said we were all uneasy- nobody saying anything, but then Dub Lad (bless him) broke the ice-
    "Hey Lads- did yous see the football yesterday! Good game wasnt it!" And before I knew it we were all talking about Football- getting along like a house on fire- seems Rover and DubLad are Utd supporters like me, Nicegirlsarenice is a Liverpool supporter!
    Then Dub Lad comes up with a great idea- Hey lads, lets take a photograph and put it up on E1 Escorts"!
    So I took out my camera phone- just then Tokyo Rose came into the room in her schoolgirl uniform-
    Banzai! Hello Boys! See anything you Like! I took her picture (below)
    Then I gave her my camera and she took our picture (also below)
    And did she look tasty . . . . . !
    As yous can see from our pricks- I think we all thought the same . . . .
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    A man s mission in life is to spread his seed with as many women as possible, for as long as possible, in any position possible . . . .

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    very good!

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