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Thread: Cork street girls bulgarians??

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    Default Cork street girls bulgarians??

    Was passing through the union quay area the other night and saw a bulgarian hunny on union quay bent over on a car with a thong rammed up her hole and shaking her arse at oncoming traffic.lads if this isnt going to draw attention from the rozzers what will?it is also worth noting that anglesea garda station is within a fanny squirt away from wer this soliciting is going on.
    Also does anyone know what the story with morrisons quay is?was down there a few nights but the only biita brass on display was the veterean aka "peg-leg" have also been around connolly hall but nothing on display.whats the story with the area down by pairc ui caoimh?

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    They are making themselves too obvious saw paddywagon there a few weeks ago taking names

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