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    hi gentlemen
    im confused you're on a board surronded with gorgeous wg in dublin, cork er well i dont know many cities in ireland, why are you after street girls?

    wg offer an incall/outcall service at your pleasure and if its an incall service yr after yr sure to get a nice discreet comfy flat.

    why look for the danger on the streets im not saying the girls are the plague but theres more chance of them running off with yr money and you could also bump into a very nasty pimp!!
    The average price for most wg is 150 (im not good at converting money) so dont know what that is in euro
    and the average price for a girl on the street well i have no idea let me know (in sterling lol)
    safer sex is better

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    hi roxy,
    i can only speak for me on this.

    1] the cost the average cost for a lady on the street is between 60 and 80 euro,
    where as the cost of an escort is 150-250 euro

    2] the girls i have met are the usual girls i have been with before and yes i have picked up girls before who i would not pick up again. Having said that i have met escorts and out of the 10 or so i have met in the last year i would only see 3 of them in the future so the cost factor is in play again

    3] as for health issues, the chances of meeting a girl on drugs is the same as meeting a girl that does not take drugs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atom View Post
    3] as for health issues, the chances of meeting a girl on drugs is the same as meeting a girl that does not take drugs.
    I take yr point on that one xxx
    safer sex is better

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    A back seat quickie can be had in Belfast for 30. Now that's value. There are a couple of lookers, too,\when you can fine them. And one in her late 40s who always wears stockings and sussies. Drool..

    Many escorts (even for a half hour) can't be bothered even to remotely appear bothered, and your 100 - 130/ half hour is a complete waste of time.

    Of course, there are some who are just brilliant about their work and are very enthusiastic. However, a street girl represents such great value for money. If four can be had for the price of one wg, the chances of getting a decent punt are much higher. Then you can arrange a meeting later by phone. Simple.

    How many blokes last the distance anyway? Most just want a quick ride and offski as far as I can gather.

    The downside to kerb crawling is that there are not always a huge number of girls out, and sometimes you draw a blank.

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    I usually go for an escort but there are times I just want a BJ so I'll tour around Limerick in the hope of picking up a decent looking street girl. Once I picked up this foreign girl and we drove of the a secluded spot for a bj, I couldn't cum so ge t out of the car came round to my side and dropped her panties and told me to f*ck her fro behind and when I was near to cumming to tell her and she would finsh the bj. Anyway, just as I was cumming I whipped it out and she turned round to finish me off with her sweet mouth. Best street job ever all for 50 and a 20 tip.
    Never met her since and I have certainly tried.
    My fear are the cops.

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    you guys have actually answered quite a few questions for me, although id never hit the streets-too cold lol
    safer sex is better

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