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    As I have said a few times before on the Board, I am something of a fitness fanatic. Modern life, if you let it, can take its toll on you, and physical exercise, like sex, is vital to release all those tensions caused by the Celtic tiger rat race.
    And it is a rat race, I usually walk to work, its healthier and more convinient, for me at least, and I never seize to be amazed at the amount of frustrated guys either sitting in traffic jams, or standing at damp bus stops, building themselves up to a heart attack.
    Get out there lads and walk, your health really is your wealth, not least for sex, a guy I know, had the normal unhealthy lifestyle since 18, and had a heart attack at 35, and has now been told by doctors to give up having sex, thats no life to live.

    As I said, I also train in a gym, I dont want to be a advert for it, but is not too far from Patrick Street, My training is mostly dumbells, for the knowledgeable types, dont laugh, I dont like the work out machines, or barbells.
    Now the Gym is mixed gender (unfortunally the showers are not ) and there is quiet a number of girls who also work out- the Gym babes! Now by Gym babes, I refer to the slim athletic nypmlets, girls, mostly early 20s, who know they have good figures, dress well in gym clothes that appear to the horney male eye, as tight, small, short or otherwise figure enhancing. You will find Gym babes in almost all gyms, its the fashion these days, I can only speak for my Gym, and believe me, there are some beauties there!
    Their workouts also keep them sweated up ( a so far unfufilled fantasy of mine is to have hot sweaty sex with a girl, immediately after both of us have completed a hard Physical Training session, wrestling and grappling each others sweaty bodies), and they are fit, sex with some of them I am sure, would feel like a SAS training session- demanding, Physical, long and exhausting, with lots of sore muscles afterwards.
    I have often found myself doing my dumbell thing, and staring at some slim but curvy sex machine, doing her bends and squats on a workout machine.
    My recent visits to escorts have been preceded by a workout in the Gym, a good hour and a half pumping my muscles, then go for a fantastically long hot shower, before exiting the Gym on my way to my pre arranged escort, mostly in the City center area- easy walking distance. I have read of guys who drive up to 40 or more miles, only to have some escort not answer her phone when they arrive at her location, let down when their balls are full of buzzing sperm, I dont have those problems, I always have a 2nd and even 3rd girls number on my phone, so that if my original selected escort, for some reason. stands me up, I just adjurn to plan B or C.
    But while I am in workout mode in the gym, prior to a visit to an escort, I have to say its a very horny and smug feeling, knowing that very soon I will be pumping baby jizz into an attractive escort, only a short distance away, and while I am thinking of this, I am staring at some of the sexy Gym babes, working themselves into sweaty frenzy, I am pumping my muscles, and exercising my PC muscle at the same time.
    Oh yes Gym babes, sexercise in motion!
    Heres a few for you to drool over . . . . .
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    A man s mission in life is to spread his seed with as many women as possible, for as long as possible, in any position possible . . . .

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    I perfectrly aggree with you on this. I picked up my last 3 boyfriends in the gym . The sauna is the place to be after the workout...

    It's healthy and keeps you occupied.... Aggree with the walknig too. It takes the same time to walk then sit in traffic or wait 10 min for the bus just to go 2 stops...

    Dublin tbc , Belfast tbc, Cork tbc

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