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    Hi guys. I'm a new forum contributor but have browsed the site for years now and would like some advice. I travel a lot with my job, and am off to Saudi in a bit for an 11 week job. I have a nice apartment in Dublin 9 and cant sub-let it because I never know how long I'll be away for and when I'll be away. Last time I gave it to an escort I used to regularly see and to say she wrecked the palce would be an understatement. You think you know someone...

    Is there any way that theres a decent girl out there who would take good care of the place for the 11 weeks, and if so, would I have any way of cross-referencing her to find out that she's ok? A tricky one I know but any advice or warnings/recommendations would be appreciated by private message.


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    You can't advertise apartments here.

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