A warning to all Ladies looking for escort work around Cork.

I have just had to come to Ireland from UK to rescue two of my lady friends who were working as escorts for a guy in Cork

Business was slow this week so the owner of places where they were working “demanded” very forcibly and with threats that they hand over some of their money to make his cut up to the usual level. Effectively he tried to steal money from them.

He picked the wrong girls! They are experienced and strong willed Ladies from North West UK and the owner was told what he could go do in no uncertain terms. However, the Ladies were then left with no income, their flights back to UK some days away and having to pay their hotel and other expenses until then. Result was a financial loss for the visit and a need for me to rescue them. They are both very close personal friends

The establishments in Cork run by this guy are
Cork Models
Lady Chatterley’s
Uptown Girls

The Ladies have told me that the owner is a white male around 6ft, in his late 50s and usually wears a baseball cap. He goes under the name of Brian or Tony.

Not only does he try to terrify young ladies who work for him but he steals from them ie they do not get all the money they are owed, and the information on his websites is a load of lies ie he most certainly does not have the numbers of girls that he tells clients when they phone – so there is also a message there for prospective clients.

Be warned, Ladies especially.

I have great respect for many people who run the essential services of parlours or escort agencies – but not for sort who treat their Ladies in this sort of way.