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Thread: Do you think Lady Gaga is a bad influence on Beyonce....?

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    Default Do you think Lady Gaga is a bad influence on Beyonce....?

    *has a concerned look on his face*.

    I don't know you guys... I'm concerned about our Baby B.

    Have you seen their latest video...?

    I mean it's just... shocking!!!! It's true that she was always really sexy, then she grew to be more and more on the edge... but now that she's after she's been with Lady Gaga I feel it's getting worse.....

    Yeah she went off and did her thing... she was really seductive and edgy in Check Upon It and Greenlight, and even had the cops after her in Bonnie and Clyde... but she never went out and poisoned people. She never went almost completely nude like Lady Gaga does (Beyonce didn't in this either but how long before she does?!).

    But murdering people? Massive homocides? Beyonce now come on.... Eating in a rundown restaurant and hanging around those criminal types? Her boyfriend as someone who slaps girls on their asses? (although I have to admit that bit was pretty good lol ) Calling people a mother fucker? Come on, our Baby B never used such language before...

    Beyonce used to be a good girl!

    Why couldn't she be happy and stay with that nice girl Kelly Rowland and Solange as well, they were all nice lovely girls.... not like Lady Gaga and her weird boyfriends and her previous murder convictions.

    I do love a lot of Lady Gaga's videos and long may they continue... but it's just that I'm not so sure if she's right for our Baby B. I know Beyonce is growing up and being her own woman, but I don't want her going down the wrong road. I feel she is going to get hurt out of this...

    It's to be continued, so I'll assume she'll be hanging around her some more... I just hope she turns Gaga into being more like her and not the other way around...
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    gaga she is lady..not really and swipe the make up off and she aint even hot looking...that said with the make up i would..and i would again .beyonce wont change into gaga ffs she is a real lady or so she told me the first night we went out,the second night she was a bit slutty but thats another story.but its good you are worried about the poor little millionaires lol

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    dont know - dont care - dont want to know

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    she has a cock. nuff said
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