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Thread: Dolly where r u ?

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    Default Dolly where r u ?

    I note Dolly last posted on 2nd March, any news on the Girl , is all O,k. ?

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    Default Ffs.

    Well , is my question taboo ?

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    Default Taboo???

    Quote Originally Posted by father.ted View Post
    Well , is my question taboo ?
    You mean like a banned user coming back??? hearties.................................
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    I am told if it were not for that scenario Luther you guys would have scant little to moderate.
    So shaddup will ya, I know you know Columbo.He looked a bit of a chimp also .

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    Dolly would be in New york i believe

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    Oh bummer, I cant wait that long for my passport, but thanks for the info.Peter the Great !

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