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    Red face Eastern European Girls

    Over the last 2 years the huge number of Eastern European Girls in the city has been pleasent for my eyes, and warming in my balls. Many of them have great figures, feminine hair styles, and tend to wear tight jeans or skirts!
    Recently in my job I was tasked with training in 2 Polish girls, and I can tell you it was hard not to be thinking of sex while been with them! both of them blonde hotties, one aged about 24, the other 21, and already married a year! my balls positively buzzed with excitement all day long with them. The younger girl in particular had me hot and bothered in the family jewel department, she was just so so girrrllllly! So feminine . . . . . .petit in build, it must be so very easy for her luckey bastard of a husband to manhandle her into various love positions in their bed . . . . . . .every single night!
    I couldnt help but think of him, playing with her in their little marital bed , all manner of private games, before emptying the contents of his balls into her, his little treat at the end of each working day.
    Anyway take a look at this east european hottie, doesnt she make your balls ache . . . . . .?
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    A man s mission in life is to spread his seed with as many women as possible, for as long as possible, in any position possible . . . .

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    Thumbs up I agree

    Dick, I think you're right. One of the big advantages of opening up the EU and Ireland to eastern european immigrants has been the huge influx of gorgeous hotties (like the one in your pic) from that region.
    Nearly all of them are good looking and young and blond.
    Like you say they love wearing tight jeans, which really turns me on......
    It's also great that a lot of them work in the escort business.
    Gives lads like you and me a chance to empty our sacks in a nice blond cutie who calls you "Darrllllingkk" as you mount her doggie sytle and give her pussy a good seeing-to.!!
    Long live the EU I say.

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