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Thread: My first Punt.

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    Talking My first Punt.

    I had intended to kick off my escort year 2007 by finally getting around to paying a visit to Abbey in Islandbridge, a not too far location for me to travel on these cold nights, and depositing a little hot baby jizz with her, that was until this morning, when organised crime came calling, yes my bank sent me a letter.
    It began something like this; "Dear Mr Spunk, just a gentle reminder that your bank balance . . . ." - well you can imagine the rest, a lot of politically correct polite bull, which, to put in a more realistic tone would have gone like this - " And all the money you withdrew from ATMs the last 3 months to pay for budweisers, big Macs, body building steroids, porno magazines, sexual lubricants, call girls, massage parlours, escorts . . . . . .etc"
    So there it was, the ambitions overreached the resources, no Abbey this week, not unless she too, like the big shops, is holding a new year sale.
    All this imposed financial restraint took me back to my penny strapped early ventures into the wonderfull world of escorts, or, as you called them then," Massage therapists".
    Yes come back with me to 1993, July of that year, Young Dick Spunk is 18 years old, has just finished his leaving cert, his brain is jam packed with hundreds of useless facts, his testicles is jam packed with zillions of spermazoa, all wanting to come out and have a swim in some nice warm vagina.
    This massive achievement of finishing the leaving cert called for a special celebration, and yes, the prime target- sex with a real woman! I was already a 2 and a half year expert of wanking to climax, with my favorite Samantha Fox calender.
    Now back then there was no internet, or if there was I didnt know about it, there was only one way to meet a "massage therapist", you bought IN DUBLIN magazine, went to the back pages, and made your selection from the photoless adverts; you called the provided phone number, spoke to the female voice and made an appointment.
    So in a cloudy thursday morning, after making the phone call from Crumlin Shopping Center (no mobile phones back then!) I headed over to the bright lights of Dorset Street, I had been told to go to the post office there, and to ring the door buzzer of the black door beside the Post Office.
    I did as instructed, and could hear the heavy footsteps of somebody walking down wooden stairs, she was coming to me! my first sexual woman! my heart beat faster, the door opened, a head struck out behind it and, in a quiet Dublin accent, the girl told me to come in, the door closed, and I cast my eyes on her . . . . a young slim girl of about 22, long dark hair, she looked a little like one of the Corr sisters in appearence, average but nice looking (big relief, not ugly or overweight) but what sent a chill down my spine was what she wore, with the door closed I could see it now, a short sexy pleated dress, a tight cardigan, sheer black stockings and large platform wooded shoes, the whole attair left little to the imagination as I could see, I was not sure at first- YES, SHE WORE NO KNICKERS! I could see her hairy arse crack!, , she beckoned me to follow her upstairs as she led the way, we walked up 4 floors! and all the way up I stared at t her gyrating curvy arse, to the sound of the heavy footsteps on the wooden stairs, she glanced back at me a few times, looking a little nervous ( I was nervous too, not really known what was going to happen) My cock felt big and heavy inside my trousers, her arse looked so inviting.( I came across a image a while back, virtually the same visual sight as that erotic walk up those 4 flights, I include it below, enjoy!)
    Once inside the dim bedroom on the top floor I paid her the "massage" fee- 60 pounds, I recall.She got on the bed and invited me to mount her. Well the action was the missionary position with her naked, she felt soft, warm and perfumed, and I did not last long, cumming on her cunt as I kissed her breasts.
    And that was it, My first punt, It went as well as I suppose it could have gone, a milestone had been reached, it wasnot untill I got home that I was horny again, and went for my second punt the very next day!, closer to home this time (increased confidence) an older blonde girl in Camden street. And then after that financial restraints prevented me from having a "massage" for a month or so.
    But the cast had been layed, a young man had decided on a way of life.
    Roll on 2007!
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    if there was such a thing as a noble prize for pornographic literature, Dick Spunk would be my nominee................where've you been hiding so long maan ? Keep them coming......your stories are simply grrrreat !!

    BTW, that reminds me, Patricia was looking for suggestions for the next competition.............should we have a go at this one ------- 'My first sex'..........people may send their own experience (or) those of their friend's (mentioning this clearly at the start).

    I am sure it would be a great psychological study of how people end up in their first intercourse........what thoughts they go through, at what age does it usually happen, what circumstances lead to it etc. etc. etc. Unlike last time, we can extend this beyond Irish experiences to get a wider view of sexuality around the world.

    Theres certainly a lot to be learnt from such recollections; Besides, they can ONLY be shared freely on a forum like this.

    Another suggestion............what about a competition of 'My most unusual sexual experience'.............people should be encouraged to send entries about their real experiences which can, in common parlance, be termed as unusual..........not some straightforward sexual encounter..........something HAS to be away from the beaten track about the story.

    The weirdest (but plausible) story can be declared the winner........common sense and wisdom of the judges can decide that.
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    Talking My First Punt...

    Once upon a time there was a young man that decided to go and visit a "lady of the night". After searching high and low on the internet the young man found an interesting escort site (not this one). There he looked at several profiles of ladys. Ladys that had beautifull pictures of themselves in various states of undress. The young man was rather shocked and attracted at the level of beauty on display. It wasn't what he thought this scene was. But at the same time were the pictures and services advertised the real deal? Well there was only one way to find out.

    After a very difficult decision between several girls available the young man chose a Slovakian lady to be his first escort. Nervously the young man called her and made an appointment. On arrival the young man had IN-EXPERIENCED CLIENT written all over his face. He had failed to notice the height of the lady in her profile. She was 6 feet tall and probably the best looking girl he had ever seen before or since. She was amazing. So the young man told her he was new to the scene and was "just trying this out". The Lady was so friendly and accomadating. After leaving the shower the young man discovered the 6 foot Slovakian Goddess spread-out before him on the bed dressed in her birthday suit. What followed was one of the most sensual sexual moments of his life.

    Leaving the ladys appartment the young man could see a new dawn approach him. A new begining. I think after that he became... hooked.
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