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Thread: Is Our Moderator Patricia ok ?

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    Red face Is Our Moderator Patricia ok ?

    Hello folks,

    I don't mean to sound hasty or greedy or anythin' (this is a frank disclaimer), but we haven't heard from Moderator Patricia for the last few days........I seldom see her logged on nowadays. The last we heard from her was the announcement of the winners of the adult story competition (in which she said she would dispatch the prize money to the winners the next morning).......

    I knew for a fact that she was down with a flu before that, in fact she was so unwell that the announcement of the result had to be postponed.........

    I pray to God for her good health. A reply that all is ok (from any of the mods) wud be reassuring.......

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    Hi Zo,

    Sorry I haven't been around much the last week or so.

    I am ok, much better than last week, though still sneezing and coughing!

    I don't know if anyone else has had the flu lately, but this batch of it I got after New Years is mean!

    About the competition money, I emailed you and the other 2 winners after announcing the results. If you didn't get that email, I think it is probably because your email filtered it as spam???

    In any event, the other 2 winners already got their prize money sent out to them, and yours will be sent out as soon as you tell us how to send it. You know the deal as you've won before. Please send me an email or PM telling me how you want me to send you the money and I'll get onto it straight away.


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