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Thread: You've been holding out on us Carlos

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    Smile You've been holding out on us Carlos

    Carlos Slim: profile of the world's richest man - Telegraph

    You are supposed to be a thrifty Marxist type but turns out you are the richest dude on the planet!!! what gives

    and you had the cheek to refuse to chip in your share for a light bulb for the basement citing Leninist principles would not allow you to....

    Let the begging letters commence...

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    I live very frugally compared to some of my compadres and donate mucho dinheiro via my favourite charitable organisation (Escortas-Internationales) to ladies in need. When I give to my sisters, the Lord gives back to me tenfold; give in this life and be rewarded in the next. I will be writing my memoirs soon under the title "The Great Pussy Investment".

    Just one word of warning, when you invest in pussy "past performance may not be a reliable indicator of future performance". Always read the small print.
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