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    hello fellow punters!
    just a warning about ts vivian in galway. what a total rip off. rang and asked how much for just oral. very nice polite lady on the phone said 100. happy days! made an appointment.

    showed up and this amazing looking thing opened the door. gorgeous looking. didnt speak any english so it wasnt her on the phone obviously. got down to business. she went straight for the lad threw a rubber on it and started sucking. id say it lasted about 20 seconds and she started pulling furiously saying you come now baby you come now! I asked her to at least suck it but no, you come now! so i pretty much had to finish myself off and leave.

    totally pissed off. i can never understand why escorts would give a shitty service. is it too much to ask to get at least 10 minutes of an effort for 100 euro? im sick and tired of getting ripped off by over priced, fake reviewed ts girls. im hanging up my ts boots. this sucks!

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    Thats what you get for punting somewhere there is no reviews! Most TS dont speak a whole lot of English and rarely do you get the time paid for - with the exception of Lauren!

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    thats sickien now

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