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Thread: nabbed by the gardai

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    Default nabbed by the gardai

    Having read the recent threads regarding raids in Drumconda and possibly the same in Sandyford.
    What should a punter do if he got caught up in a raid?

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    Pull up your pants and say you were askin for directions

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    This was discussed on a thread here a few weeks ago and someone posted a link to the Citizen's Information Service website. Unless the Guards arrest you, you are not obliged to say anything or answer any of their questions, so just act dumb and keep your mouth shut. The burden of proof is with the cops so don't give them any info they can use to hang you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockman View Post
    Pull up your pants and say you were askin for directions

    no need for this Rockman. He was only asking a rather serious question.

    Who do I trust? I trust me!

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    Ok Im sorry I am just in a funny mood today......

    But as J S says unless your under arrest you dont really have to answer any questions and the less said the better.

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