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    Default E-I policy on drug use...

    That thread in general chat about "legal highs" got me thinking: wouldn't it be a good idea to have a "no drugs" policy at E-I? E-I's stance can be that it advises escorts to always say "no" to drugs and does not allow them to advertise if they have taken drugs in the past week. Prostitution and drugs are often put together, even though it's probably false (or maybe some girls do turn to prostitution if they get really addicted). Whatever the case I think E-I should be totally against it, it leads to poor escort health, furthur criminality, even cruelty in some cases. Maybe there's something somewhere about drugs on the site, but I haven't been able to view it.

    It could serve a few objectives:

    * For escorts' health and safety, which E-I is always concerned about.
    * To show to everyone that E-I is a good and healthy place.
    * To try to erode away the old stereotypes of prostitutes taking drugs, and the other bad vices prostitutes and criminals supposedly succumb to if you read or look at the media.
    * To attempt to bring crime away from escorts in general, maybe they will go elsewhere and forget about escorting and trying to control it.
    * The vast majority of clients also don't want to visit girls who are taking drugs or especially under the influence of drugs during the appointment. I think even once seeing a prostitute on drugs might have a big effect on a client.

    I know it would be hard to enforce, but it could at least be E-I's official stance and policy. It would send out a clear message about drugs. Sometimes the message is more important than the enforcement.

    Suppose there's a young lady somewhere who is a bit naive, but has decided to become an escort because she could see it wasn't a bad thing, she saw the girls on E-I doing fine, and she realised that all the old terror stories and hate against prostitutes are to do with culture and repression and jealousy and who knows what. Now suppose some people offer her drugs and pressure her into it and say that all the prostitutes have to take something because it helps them to get by, and she will feel on top of the world.

    Do you see where I'm going? She might very well think that all the old warnings against drugs are the same people and the same intelligence that had all the old warnings and fear-mongering against prostitution. I personally think that's *wrong* to allow a girl like that to get that impression and to allow her whole life and her physiology to be irreversibly damaged because of it. I think we should let her know that the difference could hardly be bigger. And also to let her know that no serious and successful, professional escort does take drugs.

    Think of the millions and millions of euro that advertisers throw at tv companies etc. just in the hope that a small fraction of people that see them will be more inclined to get their products. Think of the fact that food is among the highest advertised products of all, because it appeals so much to the emotions, because it's so addictive and we are so easily manipulated about it. So yes, I strongly think it would really help some girls, even if it's just a small fraction like the advertisers aim at getting to. People take substances just to fit in or be a part of something all the time, sometimes because it's just there people take things, we have all experienced that with food. There needs to be a firm decision of "no" for certain things because they are so bad, not in a cheeky way but like rat poison. Also, we want people to think of E-I as their friend.

    Maybe E-I should also have other health advice such as eating well, exercise and giving up bad habits. They might still look really good if they drink and smoke a lot when young, but as they get older.... their bodies, which they need to take special care of if they want to continue their job, will sooner or later start to bear the marks of it.

    Thank you for taking a look at my suggestion. I didn't intend to write that much, I was just trying to get across why I feel that E-I might do well to have at least some sort of anti-drugs policy.
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    Do you want Pat to go around to all the escorts on this site every week and get them to give a urine sample.? And how would you describe drugs, I assume you mean just the illegal ones but I dont think anyone having a joint is going to go down to a criminal path. Like most things NGAN its a nice theroy that will never make it as a practical action

    As for eating well and exsercising it isnt a concentration camp here, people here are old enough to make up their own minds and do not need to be Policed by anybody here on how they live their lives. There are many people out there who might like the more rounded figure and by your ideology you wouild be denying them there particular fetish
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    I know what you mean doozer, that's the other side of it. My suggestion is about information and education surrounding it though, not telling people what to do. Unfortunately if you don't listen to advice and go way overboard on the bad things, nature will insult and hurt you physically far more than any alleged, vague, teeniest of insults it might be to advise not to get drunk every night. A judge or doctor might give you the advice and if it was at a relevant time you would say "a bit annoying but fair and true", E-I can give the advice as well.

    It would just be symbolic anyway as there'd be no way of knowing as has been stated already. You're not even supposed to be allowed to walk around while illegally high... they wouldn't have to swear on a bible to it, it could just be "you're not supposed to be escorting while high" written somewhere.

    E-I is not a nanny... but in the interests of openness and transparency, and what E-I stands for. Illegal drug use is not something that we would talk about but are "not allowed" (at least I hope most people here wouldn't).

    About escorts looking after their health, it would be sort of an extension of the information regarding STDs and the like. We want a squeaky clean image for E-I don't we Patricia? Yeah of course we do.

    Why should doctors and 'healthcare professionals' always get the credit for being caring and prudent and always looking out for health, when in a lot of cases with multibillion-euro pharmaceutical companies it's anything but? The same with newspapers and magazines to an extent (but I'm not talking about those you're too fat magazines obviously, the health parts), there doesn't have to be a weekly column with peer-reviewed studies, just a few points. And it's just a suggestion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nicegirlsarenice View Post
    E-I is not a nanny... but in the interests of openness and transparency, and what E-I stands for. Illegal drug use is not something that we would talk about but are "not allowed" (at least I hope most people here wouldn't).

    I don't thing that there's any problem with discussing drug use/misuse on E-I (whether legal or illegal), it's the promotion or adverting the use of drugs that are not obtained through the usual medical/commercial legal route that is a problem for the site.

    E-I already has a rule banning the advertising of all drugs/medicinal products of whatever type, including herbal products etc., so a further policy statement is hardly required given that this is an adult site. I'm sure that some escorts and clients out there use this and that, but then, so do a proportion of the adult population who never frequent this site.

    I think most punters would be happier if E-I were to tackle the issues of fake pictures/fake reviews rather then trying to educate the members about the dangers of drugs misuse.

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