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Thread: Patricia,it s confusing-ROXY

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    Default Patricia,it s confusing-ROXY

    For me it seems the same person-look at her profile......

    Same girl,same pictures,same description........It s really confusing,as i was wondering what does ROXY like and what s ROXY GALWAY IS when i went on site,updates jumped in my eyes with both ROXY'S NAMES so i tought i m gone check...soi had a look,and it s the same girl...........and if so,at the end of day it is self reviewing if it s the same girl......

    Could you please clear confusion,as i dont want to think wrongly.

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    Hi Anna,

    Yes ROXY and ROXY GALWAY are the same lady - Roxy is moving between Dublin and Galway at the moment, and she is advertising in both cities.

    The other Roxy I spoke of was a different lady, who never advertised here, but people were causing problems by reviewing the Roxy listed here as if she was the other one. Someone was also posting replies to the real Roxy listed here's messages with the other Roxy's numbers. Then lots of people got let down by this other Roxy, and were coming on here to complain about it, like it was the Roxy listed here that had stood them up or whatever. It was very messy and the Roxy listed here had a very bad time of it for a while because of this, not one booking one week if I recall correctly, and all due to people thinking she was a bad escort due to the actions of the other Roxy.

    Anyway, hopefully the matter has been resolved now. I spoke to the other Roxy about a week ago and she agreed she would change her name. She has kept to her work so far it appears, so lets hope that will be the end of these confusing problems.


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