Nope im fine thanks for thinking but did anyone see any of this show on TV3? It was on for a few weeks and i caught some of the shows. 7.30 on Sat night. Basically you had 30 women and a guy comes out and has chances to impress. If the girl doesnt like it she turns off her light. Last two girls left he asks them a q and he picks the one he prefers for a date. Simple? Well if you watched this show you get an answer to the most dumb q ever improvised by a man. "What do women want?". The answer is obvious enough. They are all different but one thing i realized from watching this show as you see 30 of them in action ,is that they are very picky about the small things. For those who spoke about money on a diff thread a guy on last week was worth 50 million and still girls turned off the lights.

there you go,

PS ; im looking for a date. Im wearing brown cowboy boots and a green track bottom along with a sleeveless pink shirt and a tie. I have exactly 100 shiney ones in my pocket and use lynx on me arse.