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    So far this year I have visited over a dozen girls, mostly over the hot summer months when the amount of bare female flesh to be seen in the fair city kept me on a kinky high, One fact that struck me during these visits was the difference between Irish escorts and Foreign escorts.
    I visited 3 Irish girls, 2 Chinese girls, 3 British girls and about 6 european girls, mostly czech, and 1 spanish and 1 delightfull swede in Dublin 2.
    Now as a patriotic Irish guy (tongue firmly in my cheek as I typed that) I would have liked to say that the Irish girls were the best company, but I can t, the foreign girls were by far the most enjoyable to be with, the Czech girls, mostly operating in the Pearse street area, were like models in appearence, or more precisely porn stars, with fantastic tits and all the rest that goes with them. One Chinese girl was so enthusasic in bed I could barely catch my breath with her, dispite the fact that she was only about 5 foot in height. A british girl, Nathasa, had me squirting more fun juice than I thought I had in my balls, and the aforementioned swedesh girl was so so feminine and soft to hold, and to ram my balls into. In stark contrast the Irish girls I visited seemed unwelcoming and had that depressing take it or leave it attitude.
    Now I know other guys have had things different with Irish girls, I know I just visited a small
    number of Irish girls in comparison with the foreign girls but these are just my experiences
    and they have altered my preferences for future escort liasions. And at the end of the day its the Irish girls who will lose out on my hard earned wages. not just from me but from other guys too maybe, Something for some of them to think about prehaps?

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    Default I agree about Irish

    Hi Dick. I'm inclined to agree with you about Irish escorts. They don't put a lot of effort in - maybe it's because they feel they might bump into someone who knows them? The foreign ones are unlikely to have that problem ! Also Irish girls probably don't accept that this is their profession and that its not just a "stop gap" job while they wait on a real job to turn up......
    I've been with Spanish, African, French, Italian, South African, Brazilian, etc and generally speaking they are more focussed on you the customer....moixed feelings on English girls however - some very good and some not so good !!

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