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Thread: Beware of Laois Hotels

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    Default Beware of Laois Hotels

    I've just gone to visit an escort in one of the laois hotels and as i was near the room door i was approached by hotel staff but just kept on walking and ignored them!!

    I'm from this particular town and i was thanking God that i did not know them.....

    I'm pretty sure the escort in question did not have any involvment, but who knows.

    As i'm typing this my buddy is tellin me that certain hotels are keeping a very close eye on foreign girls staying at their hotel..... i suppose fair enough but my fuckin buddy here should of told me before!!!! Prick is here laughin at me....

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    Default A lesson for all here........

    Please don't mention hotel names when posting here........

    If you're looking for an appoitment or commenting on an appointment please don't say I met a cracker in room 401 of the hotel lust on hornbag street...........

    You're making those girls easy targets for cops and hotel staff alike........

    Even if cops or hotel staff don't throw them out, they could easily approach them, say, I know what you're doing here, I want ***, or XYZ or I'm dobbing you in...........

    Same applies to the ladies. Please don't mention hotel names, or perhaps even street names in your ad posts or on your profile pages. It just draws attention.........And not the good kind...........
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