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Thread: muscle /fit, babes??

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    Put this out there few months back, but seen as new ladies pop in every day I thought id give it another bash!
    Lookin for sexy muscle babes or at the very least really bufffed/toned etc. (hardly gonna find mrs olympia here, although........;-)
    Would love any help??

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    I dont know why the escorts dont look at these requests....I was looking for a fit kickboxer and got none. You could try Karen who is 6ft 2ins tall, very fit and strong or heidi who is also as fit as they come.

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    cheers for that,
    dont know if its cause escorts dont look at them or maybe there just isnt any out there......sob sob!!
    fingers crossed this veny will come back but it doesnt look like it.

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    Yeah I'm always looking for this, I've had muscle worship sessions with female bodybuilders before, but the most they generally offer is a handjob or something similar, no penetration. Several of them tour fairly regularly here, but mostly they cater for people looking for wrestling/headscissors, that kind of thing. If you're interested in that sort of thing, check out Europe

    I was with Veny last time she was here, she's incredible, really buff and strong, with really strong arms and legs and muscle definition. And she does OWO/CIM and anal too, pretty much the perfect escort. I emailed her afterwards and she's now in Australia, with no plans to come back.

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