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    Default fake reviews

    Why are suspect fake reviews being posted.
    If the mods suspect they are fake they should simply delete them. Simple.

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    Deleting reviews is almost never a good idea, for two reasons. One reason is that the existence of a fake review is valuable information. If I know that someone has posted fake reviews then I don't trust any of his other reviews. If I see that an escort has an unusually large number of fake reviews then I treat the others with caution. The other reason is that people should be able to form their own judgments. There are ratted reviews which I'm convinced are genuine and unratted reviews which I am convinced are fake, but I can only make that judgment when I am allowed to read the review for myself. If a review is deleted because a mod thinks it's fake then I can't form an opinion.

    There are exceptions, but they are very rare. Escorts are allowed to have all their reviews removed. Reviews which are malicious and undoubtedly fake should be removed. These are rare, however.

    In general ratting is much better than deleting.

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