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    Default admin please read

    how comes that Carmello Baby is fran tick and have another 10 accounts,but this Carmello Baby have acces to private chat where u have to be an advertiser!!
    sexy girls pm for details!

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    I banned carmello baby earlier today as its a profile of someone who has created a few profiles here to target another well known and popular member who has many reviews under his belt.

    It was reported that this carmello baby who is pretending to be an Escort sent pm's to an unknown number of people about this member casting doubt on him which is wholly without foundation and done for personnel motive and malice.

    I would ask anyone who has this pm to please report it or indeed anyone having gotten a pm from any profile doing this to report it. It will be treated in strictest confidence. The victim in this may wish to make himself known but for now I will not name him but ask that you ignore the contents of these pm's as the ravings of a looney tune.

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