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Thread: Were broke but the greens in their Ivory tower continue with their tree hugging bull

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    Default Were broke but the greens in their Ivory tower continue with their tree hugging bull

    Yes Indeed there I am looking at the papers today and there is talk about metering the water we drink with an initial outlay of 1600 for a meter and 500 per year water bill.

    Once again an idea being brought in by John Gormless.

    WTF don't these people realise that most of the population are fucking broke or teetering on the brink of brokness.

    We have already had carbon tax introduced (this was brought in at a low rate this year just to get the plebs used to paying it with plans to ramp it up in future years).

    Talk of property tax, tax people who have worked hard to buy their own home and not be a burden on the state.

    When will the fools in Leinster house cop on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smarty View Post
    We have already had carbon tax introduced
    Yeah, and not a sniff of public transport for a great many of us. Nothing of less use than a Green party politician. F'ing hate those brain-dead f'ing clown shoes.

    Where's the money coming from to install these things in the first place, anyhow? They can't even afford a garda where I live... or do they think they can just send people a bill and actually have it paid? When I was kid in the sunny north of England, there was fierce business for people who could bypass electricity meters on the estates... perhaps the Greens are brighter than I think, and looking to create a new industry?
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    no we shouldn't have to pay for water but this 'Government' have everything to back them up now to introduce water charges after what happened in the cold weather where people lost use of their water the positive thing is it will make people conserve their water carefully but at the end of the month its simply another bill people are being encouraged to shower only instead of baths fuck that I love playing with my mickey in the bath....

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