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Thread: Back again...

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    Default Back again...

    I see this girl is back again although under a different name. Think she was Valeria before...?

    Helena, Cork Female Independent Escort, profile on Escort Ireland

    Anyone seen her? Feedback?

    I posted this in the clients forum but got no reply, so re-posting here...

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    Due to the overwhelming response to this I went out and found out for myself. Damned if I'm sharing my experiences with you though!

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    Default Sorry you got no help Mark.....

    Here's a tip.......

    If you provide a link to the lady you're enquiring about you have a better chance of getting a response.....

    We're to lazy to look her up ourselves...........

    Is this her???

    Helena, Galway Female Independent Escort, profile on Escort Ireland
    Advertising space available for hire, and reviews for sale, just call

    "It's far easier to fight for principles than to live up to them."

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    Thats the one.

    I actually thought I did provide the link. Must have fluffed it somehow. Fair enough.

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    Question Do share mate

    do share your thoughts with us please mate, as i have seen her before, she use to go ny the name of vivanne and she use to be a lot in the carlow/wexford area alot before christmas, i be glad to hear what you thought?

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    Good looking girl. Pictures accurate. But tries to rush. No GFE. Would not return. Your experience?

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    Default not for me!

    good looking girl, not sure if her in the pic's, started the old extra for this, extra for that, so turned on my heels and left

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