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    Ok its another dry nite in town :-(
    God help me I know I'm no Brad Pitt & I write cheque's my face can't cash but Irish Women (in general - not all!) are so damn stuck up.
    Don't get me wrong I could get action but as per the title I'm shallow so I like slim attractive ladies with a sense of fun and adventure.
    I'm not saying all Irish girls are bitches as I've had my fair share of peaches but there are slim pickings in my experience.
    Also I'm not saying foriegn women are easy but they are certainly far more receptive to a complement and seem to appreciate the effort us men go to chat them up.
    Maybe this is why I'm an Escort lover and maybe this is why my New Years resolution is to find a none national girlfriend in 2010..........Any takers :-)
    Is it just me ?my looks ? my dialouge (maybe so).............. or do any of my fellow punters feel the same about Irish women????
    I think I need a holiday to Hungary, Czech, Germany or Italy to name a few of the nationalities I've enjoyed the company of ..............
    Not drunk BTW just can't sleep!
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