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    twice i have tried to post reviews of jessica loveit, neither have appeared, two other reviews have, one at the same time i was with her, whats going on, still the bogus profiles of sayuri and monique in drogheda remain, do you read anything

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    Default I don't know what the problem is with the reviews you attemped to submit.....

    Perhaps they weren't submitted successfully. I'd say contact Sarah or re submit the review again.........

    As for Sayuri and Monique in Drogheda........

    I can only find a profile for Sayuri, but none for Monique, and why bogus???

    Sayuri, Drogheda Female Independent Escort, profile on Escort Ireland

    Because she did not have the oriental features you expected???

    At least 3 of the previous reviewers described her as half Japanese/ half Peruvian.......

    Did you not read that???

    You wrote a positive review for her and said........

    Accuracy of Photos: Very Satisfied

    But you also said the girl you met was not Sayuri........

    So why say the photos were accurate, and why leave a positive review if the profile the review was attached to wasn't the girl you met???

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    Write your review in notepad or word then copy and paste it into the reviews section. When your logged on to the reviews someitmes it times out and your review is lost.

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