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Thread: Tips for a clean mickey

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    Default Tips for a clean mickey

    With escorts complaining about some punters visiting them with cheese under their foreskins I thought its best to start this thread to encourage a simple common sense approach to hygiene in this area
    You should wash your penis gently & retract the foreskin regularly dont ever use talc or deodorant pull the foreskin back to the limit until the knob or head of the penis is completely exposed even if it hurts just a little soap as this causes irritation too do this twice a day for maximum effect It may be best to pull your mickey & achieve an erection to get the best results not washing your mickey regularly with soap & water can cause a build up of smegma or cheese which smells & becomes rooted to the knob or under the foreskin this can cause problems & may be very hard to remove you may be forced to use a wire brush & bleach to remove stubborn smegma
    NEVER visit an escort with smegma....

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    Best thread ever. Should be Stickied.

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    I would not use soap on my penis as it's not a natural substance.

    You don't even need water really. Let your penis get horny and just rub it off, if you need a bit of moisture just put some spit on it. It's not disgusting, our bodies aren't disgusting... modern synthetic materials are.... but yeah I would use water before going to an escort, that's just for every day or few days maintainance. :P

    Rub it until it comes off. It's actually a pleasurable sexual experience.... in a semi-sadomasochistic type of way...

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