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    Default Memories of reading Comics . .

    Fellow punters- I wasnt always into escorts and all that goes with them, When I remember my youth I always remember the types of comics I read, some guys read the football comics, others read war comics, but I read Victor Comic (remember Alf Tupper- the "tough of the track"), and I also read the CONAN Comics.
    Remember him- this was pre Arnold Swartzneggers Conan- The Comic Conan the big brooding Cimmerian, with the big sword . . .In fact Conan set me off on my lifelong quest for physical training- as a skinny pimple faced 14 year old I wanted to be like him- Big and Bulging with muscles all in the right places.
    And he always had shapely half naked females in his adventures. they always looked like they needed a good shagging.
    And these females were something- they never wore mini skirts or high heels, but they always seemed half naked- teasing to the prick .. . .
    I always studied their curvy physique, they were always been saved by Conan, from bad guys and various monsters.
    In Conans world everything was simple- you didnt like some prick- just chop his head off!
    Yes I wanted to be like Conan, going around with my big muscles, saving curvy damsels in distress (like the one in the picture below) from various bad guys and monsters . . . .

    But Dublin was not like Conans Place, oh we had plenty of bad guys- skangers, junkies, priests, bishops, gobshite politicitons and so on.
    But not many curvy half naked dames in distress- if I wanted that I had to go to escorts and do roleplay . . .
    But thats another story- or 2!
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