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    patrica why on earth cant i put up a thread that im working today it wont let me, i only work a couple of days a week and i am paying a full month every month but now it seems i cant even say when im working its a joke irish abbey and nobody is coming back to me i have already left 2 threads on escort dicussion

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    Hi Abby,

    Sarah just forwarded a PM to me re this matter and I was looking.

    However I see you have a thread in Female Independent Escorts posted at 12.40 today so I don't understand your problem?

    You are limited to one new thread per day in that forum as all advertisers are, this is why you can't post a second if that is what you are trying to do.

    Pat x

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    i put one up at 1340 after trying for ages i dont put threads up often, but i did put a thread up asking why i was not allowed to put one up on independent escort forlum, anyway its there now thanks abbey

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