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    Warning to all Gents of a nasty escort going under the name of Ciara, phone number 087783****. She sounds OK on the phone, place hard to find and when I did find her apartment I did not like what I saw. Made a polite excuse to leave but was asked to compensate her for loss of her time, (her time, what about my time). Got fed up debating with her so I left! she threatened that I was caught on CCTV and that I would be followed for her loss income.

    Well I know a bluffer when I hear one, and I do not think I was followed. If I had been it would be her loss, not mine!!! (Good Friday was a great day and the start of my new life)
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    funny before u go there u should saw her photo on web,,,,,, I am pity for u,,,take care

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    Please don't include full phone numbers in warning posts like this anytime01.

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