On News Years Eve, i rarely get the chance to see the sky let alone fireworks until last night.Yes noone here and the walls and corridors of Westville were dead.Great suited me down to the ground.Quite happy until i went out the back and looked up at the sky at the fireworks,or at least that is what they call them.

Seriously was i in a cave somewhere or was the Cork fireworks display a load of horseshite?They looked like sparkplugs in the sky ffs.I have seen more firework displays from angle grinders.Surely the budgets of the councils are not hit so badly that they cant have a half decent fireworks display.Terrible stuff.

A firework display is supposed to light up the sky jesus,not have you looking up wondering, "i wonder what this one will do?".

Next year ill buy my own,shove them up my neighbours arses and throw on Willie Nelson.

better to ring in the new year sane but in daylight,