"How the Best Gets Better" ... Got you with this title, didn't I ???
Just note, it's just an attention grabbing title, I don't consider myself to be "the best" of anything.
I am just myself ... and people like me for just being me

01st of January 2010 !!!

I love starting a new year with fresh & positive ideas, what about you ??? I have made a few changes / promisses to the way I am doing things and all these changes are indeed good news for all of you lovely gentlemen out there.

1. I no longer smoke
This of course is one the hardest thing I have to do, so please do not offer bring me any more cigarettes, or mention how good a cigarette is after sex

2. I have joined a local gym !

Not in the mood to become a stick figure, I just want to loose a few kilograms and tone up a bit.
So please, no more chocolate and wine for me for a while

3. I will adhere 100% to my working schedule.
I know I am relatively new in the escorting world but this could be the year I will retire
Despite the fact that I enjoy immensely what I am doing now and I give each and single client I have a very personal, pleasurable and comfortable service, it was always clear for me that escorting is just a temporary stage in my life (aren't they all ).
So my third resolution it is to dedicate a little more time to my escorting business before I retire.
(Just as an example: I haven't really calculated but I don't think I worked more then 2 weeks in December ).

4. New price structure

I have already notified you about my new price structure, however it is good to remind you that I have customised my services to suit anybody interested !
Please check the original link for more details: https://www.escort-ireland.com/board...structure.html