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Thread: Why in the name of god does RTE have the all-ireland talent show on tonight???

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    Thumbs down Why in the name of god does RTE have the all-ireland talent show on tonight???

    What a joke.

    Most people in the country couldn't give a shit about that stupid programme and can't stand to watch a second of it. Why are they trying to force it down our throats on new year's day? It doesn't matter if they have a big following, they can't just use New Year's Eve to advertise it and to make that small percentage of people happy, I mean what are they at?! It's not even on at this time usually. I'm watching BBC.

    We HAVE to pay big bucks for the channel, so it should be something that EVERYONE could at least stomach turning on. Winning Fecking Streak (or some version of it) was on a little while ago. I ask you, who in their right mind under 60 years of age watches Winning Streak? Winning Streak is a commercial enterprise and they're using this holiday to boost it, they can't be doing that with a public channel.

    A chat show would have been a fine thing to have on, with good guests on. I'm sure there's lots of famous and popular people out there who would love to boost their profile by being on New Year's Eve. Then they had the Late Late Show last Monday, it sounds ridiculous.

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    I saw it too, and it was witless drivel. People are morons.

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    What were they thinking...:

    "For New Year's Eve, let's take a programme that a fraction of people love a lot and follow and that many/most people can not STAND to watch... and pull it out of its normal time slot and instead put it on New Year's Eve for absolutely no reason whatsoever. And let's have them all dancing merrily to ring in the New Year."

    It's a love it or hate it programme. Of the fraction of the people that enjoy the show and would like to see it, many/most of them are going to MISS it because they'll be out partying or somewhere else. I mean what has to be the matter with you to think that would be a good idea? Could you possibly come up with a worse idea for new year's eve if you tried? I couldn't.

    BBC was a bit lame as well, after midnight all they did was show fireworks in silence for about 5 minutes. Anderson Cooper on CNN I think does a brilliant job every year. He's funny and entertaining and in great humour, the whole show is brilliant. I don't expect RTE to do that but they could have *something* for our money, not just have some 9 year old boy trying to do Irish dancing in an amateur way and whatever else they had.

    fwiw: I accidentally put this in general. I thought I was posting in soap-opera, sorry about that.

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