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Thread: Is this the lowest ever?

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    Default Is this the lowest ever?

    Have just checked out the amount of escorts currently in Dublin, and it says there's only 167! Is that the lowest record of girls we've ever had in Dublin? I've never seen so little i must say. Last night there was about 180 or 183 or something, but today its gone down even more, like i said to 167. I know its the Christmas/New Year Season but i didn't think the number would fall to this low, when there's usually about 300 girls in the big smoke every day/every week, give or take 5 or 10, but usually about 280/300. I'd say the girls that are here at the minute are making a fucking fortune, and are ran off their....feet

    Where are all the girls? An also the message/forum board is very quiet the past 6 or 7 days....

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    Actually the number of escorts currently in Dublin is quite high for this time of year. A few years back the number would have been below 100 between Christmas and New Year and would only have been between 150 and 200 during the peak months.

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    Default Famine

    You guys up around the pale should consider yourselves very lucky.
    Down in Kerry we are suffering from something of a festive famine at the moment.
    Only 3 girls working here, 2 agency and 1 ts(nothing against any ts but they just dont float my boat).

    If one decent independent escort takes the initiative and grabs the proverbial bull by the horns they will earn the keys of the kingdom in no time.
    There is an entire county of horny culchies down here that have not had a decent service since there was feathers on turkeys .

    So come on girls, lets get it on

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