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Thread: Berlin Scam and Berlin Bliss

  1. Exclamation Berlin Scam and Berlin Bliss


    Acording to a number of online forums, ORANIENBURGER STRASSE is the place to meet escorts. BOLLOCKS!

    I was told they were street walkers, but real gorgeous, that they've apartments nearby. They wear corsets outside their normal clothes, and, having seen them, they were gorgeous.No needles marks, gaunt faces here.

    And of course, it was too good to be true. Yer wan basically brings you to "her" apartment.Before hand, she promises "45 minutes.80 Euro.massage, handjob, blowjob..." and trails off with a knowing look. Very clever.

    When you arrive at apartment, all you're getting is those things listed!Yep, no sex.Clothes on even! Tried asking how much is sex, and was told had to pay the 80 first. Was about to walk, when yer wan gets angry, and tells me I have to pay as I've entered apartment, the guy on camera has let us in. Damn.Got a glimpse of camera man when going to loo, he was like this six' foot 666 ubernazi!

    Paid 80.Told extortinate rates for actual sex. 150 for nudity, 300 for sex, 450 for anal!

    Got the basic rip off of 80. To add insult to injury,she took a phonecall during massage, rabbited on about her fucking dog to me, and finally, the little Nazi blocks vision of her giving me head by turning her back and covering with her arm. Then turns around and says "Ja, I close with my arm, I don't vish you to see, I have a boyfriend of 5 years, and this, for me, is intimate!So, zis is like a Vall, zis is my Vall fur me, ja." Just get on with it, thought I!

    Left 80 quid shorter and sadder.Good thing is I can warn ya'll here. Streetwalkers in general anywhere are a no no, usually cos they're crackhead junkie AIDS whores. This time, though,I'd taken wrong advice from someone telling me "Ah yea, they're gorgeous". Thus, I was led to believe this was something similiar to Amsterdam's red light.

    So remember, bhoys, ORANIENBURGER STRASSE-AVOID,AVOID,AVOID!SCHEMING LITLE SO-AND-SOs;Nice stret, but avoid shopping for bliss, cos you'll get burnt!

    Oraniemburger is north east Mitte, which is basically city centre-ish.It is near where the famous Synagogue is.


    The great news is you can get true bliss at ARTEMIS.Get the S7 overground train to WESTKREUZ. It is literally around the corner at Hallenseestrasse. 8 entry fee, girls 60 euro. Plus they've this amazing sauna, jacuzzi, steamroom, and all the soft drinks you want (alcohol is a tenner, which is practically the only rip off hing about this place).They've also got two cinemas. The girls charge 60 for basic but good intimacy.Extras; add 40 euro for cum in mouth, 100 for anal. There you are, you're laughing. And te women are splendid. Mind you, I turned up on a Wednesday at 4amish, which was a bit late cos they close at 5am. Should have gotten there earlier.

    Artemis - Nude Sauna-Club Berlin, Germany

    I'm not advertising for them, I just don't want to think anyone will get stupidly scammed like I was on Oraniumburger. Artemis has beautiful looking women, all slender and prancing round nude in the sauna.You can chat and have the craic with them.You can hang around and use the facilities as long as you want there.The place rocked!

    So if you're going to Berlin, stick with Artemis, and/or anyother bonafide brothel that advertises itself on the web. My friend shouldn't have said anything to me about Oranienburger Strasse.But if it means I can warn plentyof other lonely saddos like me away from them bitches, then this is a good thing.

    Happy Christmas!

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    Oranienburger Strasse has actually improved quite a bit this year. My last two trips there were unexpectedly successful, and the girls are nowhere near as bad as you describe, IMO. 300 sounds high for sex, I admit, but I wonder which place you walked into exactly. Sounds like a typical strong-armed scam. German eros industry is known for these traps. As far as Artemis I agree it's dependable & predictable. The problem is some of us are more adventurous than others, lol.

    Overall excellent points though, I enjoyed your post very much!


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