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Thread: interesting "how to" website i found...

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    Thumbs up interesting "how to" website i found...

    Sometimes it can be a good thing to have time on your hands. It means that you'll have time to do the important things in life like making a gun that fires nets... lol

    There are many instructional guides on Instructables - Make, How To, and DIY, ranging from how to make a roasted leg of lamb to chewy choc chip cookies. There are guides that are a bit more far out though...

    For the geeks, there's a guide to making your own energy/mana potion, while the gun-nuts are catered for with pneumatic sniper rifles (don't try this at home). Feeling peckish? Then a peanut butter chocolate pizza might be for you (or not). There are even a few fancy dress ideas, such as making chainmail using tabs from cooldrink cans.

    As if chainmail wasn't quirky enough, there are even some instructional guides to making your own detergent and your own 'secret-knock detecting doorlock'. There's also a guide to making a Star Wars light saber using plumbing parts.

    It's not all good though in order to access all the perks like instructional steps on one page and additional guides, you'll have to stump up some cash for a pro membership.

    The site has enough content for everyone, and at the very worst it's an amusing distraction. So check it out today if you're feeling particularly creative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynne View Post

    For the geeks, there's a guide to making your own energy/mana potion, .
    World of Warcraft yeahhhh!!!
    I like to think there's a sexyfukka in all of us.

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    How to know what women are thinking ?
    No Luck !

    Ah Well, c'est la vie........

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