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Thread: Waterford Fantasy Babes is a scam

  1. Default Waterford Fantasy Babes is a scam

    The reality is, been there, and the girl your ask for in the photos and the girl you actually get are far between. Bad bad place and a discredit to escorts in Ireland. Lookin out for all you guys, The Slicker.

  2. Talking Yes I Remember Who You Are Went In Looking For Eastern European Girl!!!

    Hallo Slicker I remember who you are !!!

    You went in looking for the Eastern European lady who you thought you saw a picture of on this site, unfortunately you did not look for the verification seal as its been well explained on this site by its administrator!!

    I think you are extremely rude in implying that we are a scam, when it is your own stupidity in not looking for the verification seal and just assuming that the ladies pictured on this site are real.

    But I do however remember who you are and I do have your number I think its better if we discuss this in person instead of using a website used for advertising to put up bitter stupid messages, in fact its a pity its not permitted to post peoples numbers as Im sure the administrator would like to explain to you personally about the verification seal, as you clearly are to thick to READ ABOUT IT!!!

    So Slicker I will be calling you and you can tell me to my face that we are a scam!!!!

    Fantasy Babes Waterford!!!

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    Fantasy babes, I don't think we are quite thinking like you here. We recommend all advertisers use only recent, genuine pictures. If we cannot verify pictures are genuine we mark them as "Not Verified" but we do not allow the use of totally "fake" pictures. Please email us some more up to date photos of your ladies if what we have currently is not in anyway accurate. It will be better for your business better apart from anything else.

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