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    Santa Holiday 3some

    Together with a male friend of mine, I have decided to go to the capital of a Eastern European country in January, for a week of fun

    I have done many 3somes before but this time I am really in the mood to get pampered a lot myself, rather then mostly pampering others
    So I was thinking ... why not use the services of a local escort while I am there love8 ???

    The thing with me is that I am not very attracted to really hot super model types. At the first sight, yes but once I get a little closer, no way
    I found them to be very cold, with a dismissive attitude. Also seeing I am not exactly a tiny girl, I am afraid we may look funny together, something like Laurel & Hardy

    After a lot of research, I have found a suitable lady escort

    Really experienced, judging by her many testimonials spread all over the net, looking reasonably hot, really into meeting couples.
    She gave me access to her private gallery on her site and I was delighted to find there many pictures of her with double dildos, as a kinky country girl, lying on the bed stark naked (but with sexy shoes ).

    The downside: the lady doesn't meet on an hourly basis, the least I could book was 4 hours. Honestly I will let her go after about 2 hours or so.
    Seeing I am coming from Ireland, the price she quoted for the outcall (500 Euro) is very good.
    I could get it cheaper if I would look elsewhere but I see the problem you are facing here guys: I have no confidence that the girls there are using their own photos.

    So I rather stick with a more expensive verified genuine escort. I am pretty sure she will give both myself and my male friend a good time.

    If only January will come sooner


    I don't want to change this happy post of mine into a lesson for the punters here, but maybe you should know there are girls who charge a lot, not us in Ireland !!!
    - 500 Euro is a very good monthy salary for that country.She will get that for a 2 hours outcall ...
    - That escort doesn't get out of bed for a minimum of 4 hours outcall booking
    - She is not by any means playboy material, just a reasonable attractive woman.

    Compare that with the text messages I am getting sometimes: "What do you do for 50 Euro?", "I'm only looking for OWO and CIM, would pay 50 Euro" and "How much for 10 minutes?" and you'll understand what I am talking about ...

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    Default Go for it and enjoy !

    -- - WTF ! - a sex holiday . adult-3some Are you insatiable Karin ?
    DOUBLE DILDOS ? -- KINKY ! Ha ha

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    Well, I need some pampering myself !

    And it's not going to be a sex holiday ... just a holiday with some sex
    For the rest of the time, I'll be just shopping, clubbing etc ...

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