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Thread: Am i in Waterford or L.A. ?????

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    Unhappy Am i in Waterford or L.A. ?????

    I cant believe expensive outcalls are ffs. I called bout 4 escorts and they all started at 350 an hour. Then to top tat off the 1 escort i would have just about paid that sort of money for, only does outcalls for at least 2 hrs and that wud cost 500. jesus christ tat is fukin crazy. Im a student and only want a gud time and a bit of experience. I thought 250 would be a lot, would even consider paying that for half an hour but those escorts are rough enough and not worth tat sort of money. How can ppl afford that???

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    Thanks for ur honest reply, i can complete understand wat u are sayin. Its basically the same reason i wont do an incall. I simply wouldnt feel comfortable in some1 else place, it could b an agency and they could me big eastern europeanguys waiting to rob you, she might take you money and kick you out, etc. I no it might not be common but i find it hard to not be pesimistic. Another reason is that if it is an outcall you can see the girl before you agree to pay them hundreds of euro because most of the girls advertising on this site dnt look anything like their profile pics.

    Waterford is also a small town and i know a lot of people it only takes 1 person to see you go somewhere that you shouldnt be, and then you ppl will think a lot of shit about you. I was all set on meeting a girl 2moro and had it planned but unfortunately i simply couldnt pay so much money for such a short period of time. I am disapointed i must admit.

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    Hey bud theres a simple solution to your worry about going to visit a girl in her place.


    Its easy to spot genuine girls by reading threads, reviews, profiles ect..

    Thats what I do and have never had a bad experience.

    Even PM other guys here if you see they have been with a girl you like the look of.
    I've been contacted about girls i've seen and don't mind one bit.

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    Sampower states that he is a which case, he possibly has a fair amount of spare time on his hands and his student card/usit card entitles him to reduced fares on public transport. So if you don't mind travelling, take the bus or train to Dublin or somewhere else with a large concentration of escorts and go for the incall option. For €180 or less (1 hour rate), you have a choice of around 30 ladies in Dublin. Just check the reviews, who their reviewers are, and what exactly the advertised price includes and don't be afraid to haggle either. The chances of anybody recognizing you as you enter an apartment or hotel in Dublin are pretty slim (unless you're someone famous) and your fear of encountering a bunch of eastern European heavies is just that.....fear. Your personal details are much more likely to be compromised by engaging an escort on an outcall to your home or by punting in a smaller town, where you are probably more likely to run into agencies or brothels run by the type of people you want to avoid.

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    Thanks kelly and dave for your suggestions, i had thought about pm ppl who had reviewed the girls i was looking at, but thought they mite find tat a bit weird. But thanks 4 the info. And to carlos your dead right i have had a lot of free time on my hand and it was a good suggestion to go to dublin to avoid being seen. I did infact do this the first time i met an escort, i was going to a concert so i organised in advance an outcall to the hotel i was stayin at. This avoided a lot of hassle and i knew that dublin was a good place to meet an escort.

    It was just that i came into a bit of money and of course i let my dick do d thinkin haha, so decided i wanted to meet an escort when i had a free hse. I just could pay those crazy prices tho.

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