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Thread: girls would ye like 7.5 inches,0868716688

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    Default girls would ye like 7.5 inches,0868716688

    girls 7.5 inches will please u when i am the driver,hot offers up to xmas 50euro for 30mins 80euro for 1 hour,i am very attractive muscular and a proffesional male escort i have been rated one of the best escorts in munster;outcalls only in the munster area,iwill service ur every need and make u very relaxed while i am there full body massage,lesbian couples very welcome call today if u want to play,i will travel to u were ever u live in munster 7 days a we,dont be shy or afraid i am a proffesional and i know how to relax u,call or text me for any queries u may have.0868716688

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    Come to Dublin,if u ll make me cum,i ll pay you extra (wink)

    ps-Patricia,could u add please wink smilie as well,please,would be much appreciated x x x
    I m still lurking sometimes ;-)

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