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Thread: IIE treat touring escorts like dirt.

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    Default IIE treat touring escorts like dirt.

    After more than two years of advertising on IIE I have had enough.

    The admin staff there think its fair game to stop touring escorts from asking questions.If you dare to ask anything then you are slapped down and threatend.

    I dared to ask Jake a questions and got nothing but rude answers. He even told me in last email he was putting me on preview. Who the hell does he think he is. Also why is it when you ask Sinead about your advert that she bites your head off.
    To advertise on IIE you must not ask questions or else, god help you. They have got to big for their boots.
    I have always found when this attitude infects a site, its on the way out. That for sure.

    When I first rang escort Ireland I spoke to Natasha who was pleasant and couldnt do enough to help. Never once did she tell me not to advertise with other sites. Her words were, if I was an escort I would advertise on all site. Wise words.
    In time others will wake up and smell the coffee.

    Samantha xx

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    Well,Sammy,i am resident escort,and i am on preview myself,as i understand it s for'safety reasons' ,as for my habbits spek out from my mind.i haven t been on that site from now for 3 days or so.

    I know they ve problems with profiles etc,but Sinead was always nice to me,and when i did not understand something Jack helped me out.......

    As about E-I,i found amazing their speed of work,as i filled form,lodgedmoney,texted them,and got response in 10 mins time,that advert is up........

    I don t go 'FOR' or 'AGAINST' anyone,or don t take things personal,and no one should,weather you re owner,or advertiser........just choose what s best for your business...

    But if u say they re rude to you, my opinion rudness damages any end every business..........

    Cheer up,Sammy,stay safe,and hopefully things will improve for you.
    I m still lurking sometimes ;-)

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    Default Let me explain more

    Hi Anna,
    Let me explain in a little more detail.
    When Jake put me on preview, it wasnt for my own safty. It was as punishment because I didnt agree with some of his sarcastic replies.
    I have tried to find out things about hotels etc in Limerick after hearing about girls being thrown out of hotels. If you look in advice section on IIE you will see what I mean.

    After the first threat to me from Irish guy in Limerick warning me to stay away, I contacted another girl. She warned me about a night manager at a certain hotel there. He rings for appointment and if girl staying in his hotel or others in Limerick. He gets them thrown out.
    I was told this man is a pimp himself.So I did what I considered the correct thing and ask Sinead if she had heard anything.
    Her reply was to rubbish my question. She said the hotel was safe and I should look on the Advice section at IIE.
    Well I took her advice and guess what? There is a list of escorts that have been thrown out of hotels in Limerick. So it shows how in touch with the site she is.

    When I contacted Jake about another matter he was very rude. Its not just me taking things personal, I had friends read his comments also. They were disgusted and said this site owes me an apology.But I wont hold my breath on that one. I feel they have bullied me on several occasions with their nasty remarks. Hence why I said, who the hell does Jake think he is.

    I also mentioned that one girl had said she only saw two clients befor being thrown out of a certain hotel. I asked her to give me this phone number. She must have had it, unless she is stupid and see guys with unlisted phone numbers. This escort never got back to me with a answer. Perhaps she is hopeing more girls get thrown out of hotel.

    I asked Jake to look into this. His reply was I was a hypocrite for asking him. Seeing I had sent a thread a couple of weeks beforhand saying I was leaving the boards.This was written by me because of rude treatment yet again.

    My response was seeing, I had paid for advert for tour, I was entitled to warn clients to contact me before hand. Also why was it wrong to ask them quesitons?

    It is up to sites that take money from escorts to help us. Lets face it, its in their interest. In time when escorts stop going to these places, clients from these towns, cities will not bother with escort sites, Not if they are looking for touring girls. Its only a matter of time
    befor they ask themself why they are paying for a site that doesnt offer them what they want. Its time now for admin from IIE to take their heads out of their own ass and look into things for girls. Otherwise in time they will have no jobs.

    Anna I asked these questions not just for myself, but to help other escorts. I have never though myself a cut above the rest, just a working women like everyone else.
    But when I try to find things out, I get slapped down.

    Perhaps Jake and other admin staff dont realise it but, they talk down to us as if we are school children. Or a pimp talking to one of his stable girls.
    They need course in good manners and should listen to us all when we ask questions. Not the selected few escort that they favor.
    Just before I wrote about coming off site, I had been told by a client of girls asking him to do reviews for freebies.My goodness that soon prompted a response from admin.

    But when I ask questions that involve safety,all I get back is a bad attitude.

    Also IIE should have backed the girls thrown out of hotels in Limerick. Cannot these managers be sued for assuming girls are prostitutes?Escorts charge for time only, so that is not wrong. Why did IIE not go to these hotels and ask questions? Instead they sit back let touring girls become sitting ducks and take our money.

    When we send a message all they send us back is a TICKET NUMBER. Escorts should be aware of how we are thought off. IIE should remember without escorts they would have no site.

    Now if anyone can tell me why I should not have asked these questions, please do?
    IIE should also not forget escorts have brains and not just a pussy.
    I wish you well Anna and if I can ever help you or other escorts with anything, I will.
    Stay safe and thank you for your comments.
    Samantha x

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    Sammy,u missunderstood a bit...

    They did not disable me for my safety.......They disabled me from posting for their safety.....i mean site safety,as for my habbits speak from mind......
    I m still lurking sometimes ;-)

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    [QUOTE]Why did IIE not go to these hotels and ask questions? QUOTE]

    Sorry to hear you problems.

    Am confused about the above quote, why on earth should IIE or any other site that provides advertising E-I, Irish punters etc go to any hotels or apts & ask why we have been chucked out we pay to advertise on there sites not for them to run around hotels all over Ireland.

    Lady B

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    chocolate_delight Guest

    Default IIE STaff

    Hi Samantha

    I agree with you, the staff of IIE, have become very rude and disrespectful towards tourinng escorts. Like you said we have brains aswell.

    Good luck with your future tours.

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    I agree to....

    I know I do have some very pro active veiws, but I have done nothing but argue with jake and daria and mostly for nothing serious or pro active....

    They really are horrid.

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    Sorry have to say daire and Jake wasnt horrid just the arguments we had........

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