Every week we can rely on Simon, without fail, to say it like it is. The show just wouldn’t be the same without his ruthless remarks. There’s no tip toeing around, no walking on eggshells, oh no, this mentor is guaranteed to let his thoughts be known.

So, Simon’s comments might often cause the most controversy and have us staring at our screens open-mouthed thinking ‘did he really just say that?!’, but it’s the media mogul’s careful choice of words that’s really caught our attention.

Unlike the other judges who often resort to some stock phrases when they’re short for words (“You made it your own”, “You’ll go a long way in this competition”, “You’re breaking the rules Simon”, to name but a few), Mr. Cowell always seems to come up with a mad metaphor, often involving some sort of animal, which has our finalists staring back at him blankly.

Does he prepare a few gems in front of the mirror in his dressing room before each show? Maybe they’re blurted out in the spur if the moment? Either way, we always look forward to what surreal statement Simon will come out with next… basically, the more bizarre the better.

In honour of Simon’s unique way with words, we’ve collected a few of our favourite quotes. Check them out below and vote for the one you think is a cut above the rest…

You’re a little bit like a puppy taking part in The Grand National

It’s like a mouse trying to climb a mountain

It’s like eating a sandwich whilst you’re swimming

You’ve got about as much Latin flair as a dolphin