As many of you know ninebythree, stewie, bigdaddy and others (though not as many as you'd imagine as these 3 each have many IDs) declared anarchy a couple of days ago.

They are banned from this site but they continue to register new IDs to post shit here and send PMs to other members asking them to join them in causing trouble.

They are also emailing away and on other sites and blogs posting various threats and bullshit in an effort to stir up the shit.

If other sites chose to let their message boards be taken over by this agenda, that's their choice, but that is not going to happen here.

All yesterday we had escorts phoning our offices saying "What's going on?", "Why is there all this shit being posted?", "What is all this fighting about?", "Is it still safe to work with all this going on?"

I don't know if the people doing it realise but it is the ordinary escort being hurt by all of this and that is not acceptable.

There seems to be a really childish attitude here. I don't know why people think it is funny to post stupid lies about E-I but it is not funny. Escorts are being scared by these stupid lies. Saying stupid things like "Patricia is a pimp and she beats escorts up" is actually scaring women. It's not me that is hurt by it, it is the poor girl who recently arrived in Ireland and doesn't know what is going on that is shaken up by these silly posts.

This is like some silly schoolboy game but it is actually serious. I would hope that ninebythree, stewie, bigdaddy etc do not wish any escort any physical harm whatsoever, I have no reason to think any of them are dangerous criminals or that bad people, but already what they have done has made working in Ireland more dangerous for escorts.

This is not a game. Trying to start wars is not funny. Already these messers have decided to home in on the issue of pimps threatening escorts and declare that it is E-I behind this. Of course E-I has nothing to do with it, these messers are just saying whatever they can think to, that could possibly hurt E-I.

But the fact is there are pimps and other dangerous criminals out there, and these people are watching this message boards warfare go on and thinking "Hey, we can do what we like this week and then blame it on E-I!", "Now is a great time to drive escorts out of Cork/Galway/Mayo/Kildare etc. If we say we are E-I and we will kill them if they don't leave town, they'll be really scared and ninebythree and his crew will help us by telling everyone yes Patricia is a dangerous criminal!"

This is a school boy game going on here, but the potential consequences are very serious. I am not the one who is going to be hurt by this, but if it continues, people will be hurt.

There is a thread here in soap opera. If any user wishes to comment on ninebythree's apparently genuine motives for starting this war, they may comment on that thread if they wish, but his "war" is finished on this website. I am not having another day of every thread here turned to shit by messers. Anyone posts stupid shit on any thread to try to add fuel to the fire here, the post will be removed and they'll quite possibly be banned.

I can see where this war is going and people are going to be hurt. I'd rather be a censor and considered a heavy handed moderator than contribute to this crazy sillyness that has the very real potential to hurt real human beings in the real world.

This thread is locked. I am not having a discussion about it. I am just telling everyone now, you want to play war - Go somewhere else! Zero tolerancy is what I have today and from now on for the forseeable future for people who want this place turned into a warzone. It's not happening here anymore. I can't stop ninebythree and his crew and god knows what other criminals and troublemakers are tagging along stirring up as much shit as they can on other websites, but it is not going to continue here.

If you received a PM from ninebythree or someone else yesterday asking you to cause trouble over here until you are banned and then go join him in his newly adopted home, and you think it would be "cool" to get banned here and then go over there, please grow up and realise that adding to this war is putting real women at risk. By all means go join him over there, but please, stay off my site if you have nothing to offer but ranting trouble-making shit-stirring posts. I'm disgusted by what is going on here and I want no part of it. The other website is where you may go if you if this war is your idea of fun.

Thank you