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Thread: First time experiences with escorts

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    Default First time experiences with escorts

    Can people tell us what your first experience was like with an escort. Was there any terrible ones?

    What is the protocol with escorts? I mean do you make a booking a day or two in advance or just before you go visit her? What happens when you get there - I take it she demands money immediately. Do you have to have a shower first? And then what, she messages you and tries to get you hard? And then its onto the main course? Does she put on the rubber just to make sure you're not trying to fuck her without one?
    Do you only get the time up until you come even though you've booked for 30 mins.?
    And can you pay by Visa...........only joking, now thats a stupid question.

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    Default first meeting with escort

    Its always wise to make appointment at least a few hours in advance.
    To do this you will need to leave a mobile phone number to prove you are genuine.Its always a good idea to be clean and smart when you meet the escort. However some escort will still ask you to shower at her hotel room.

    Its best to give the escort her fee within first 5mins of appointment. Then you can get down to fun.


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