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    I ve always had one rule of punting to stick by, if she dosn't allow reviews dont go there. was up country on monday night. Had booked an hour with a very sexy lady, great reviews etc, my meetings for the evening were running late so, i had to cancel her, sahme,by time they were finished and after a drink or 2(couldnt drive) i was left with only local girls. found 5 that i liked out of 8 ads, 1st 4 didnt answer there it wa sto the last chance saloon, €100 for 20 before i had to leave or the little guy would have been pulled off of me....english was good 4 money only, directions were very bad took, even had to give direction to next punter coming in!! and he was a local, got a odd look from him on street as i passed him ,worse punt ever by a country mile.
    this escort(Pen*s removal expert) should be allowed on this site or in deed any lady that will not let her services be reviewed, pic's were at best "older" and there was a lot of work done on them in 1st.
    Ok rant over reson for tjhis post, escort ireland i think is a good site, but these unreviewable ladies shouldnt be allow on here, ive seen it said before, but hopefully something will change, money is hard to come by for all at moment and wasting €100 on her was a kick in the jewels,
    so can EI start cleaning up some of the dodgey adverts on here and clear off the waste's of time and cash , or is like ive seen written here before about EI,as long as u pay and they will display.
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    Sorry for your woes buddy but you should have stuck to principle, choking the chicken would have been cheaper and probably more satisfying. I don't even bother studying their form if no reviews allowed.
    You are right of course, in that, no reviews allowed, no ad accepted should be the policy and yes I'd say money for E-I prevails over the punter.
    WE might make the site but the girls pay the brass.

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