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    Jesus funny country this place is.Its get better.The gov bail out the banks on taxpayers money and now the aIB who mismanagement everything are on a confrintation with the goverment who bailed them out because??????????????Because AIB want to give the new MD 633,000 per annum while the gov insist on a cap of 500,000 per annum.Just goes to show the piss that these are taking.The gov should withdraw aid for AIB and take over its assets.

    Oh and a bit of irony.The minister for social welfare whoose name escapes me, thank god for that, says that unless we make cuts to welfare then the ppl giving us money will stop?this same person was one of those who said that .Under Lisbon we would get money.

    Yeah sure,

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    yeah its a pity they cant help out people suffering from hepatitis ... Under Lisbon that may well change, so anyone suffering from this terrible condition should be ok .. guffaw guffaw

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    Yeah Westie, our government are useless fuckers being made look like fools by the much smarter banking cunts.
    So, if we don't pay them outrageous salaries then they might leave the country ? I'll hold the door open for them, these are the fuckers who got us into this mess (with FF compliance). Why do we want to keep people who fucked us up ?
    Lenihan was also adamant that the successors in the BOI & AIB would be outside appointments & he's been ignored. The banks treat all of us like tools & our gov. let them.
    SOLUTION : No bail-outs unless they comply.

    These people treat us all like twats. No one has convinced me yet why we shouldn't let them all go to the wall & let's start afresh with a more equitable, socially conscious Ireland that doesn't reward greed at the expense of the majority. Our top people in both public & private are being paid multiples of what their equals are in other western countries. If you pro-rate it all in relation to the amount of people we have here then it becomes an outrage.
    I'm wondering just what it takes to spark the revolution.
    When I'm the Minister for Revenge Bertie's ring will be twitching !

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